Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer Things

Well I have been just terrible at updating my blog lately, but really, there hasn't been a whole lot to say. Summer (if you can call it that with June being one big rainstorm) has been fun so far, although I am already starting to look forward to the fall when I will have something to do everyday (although waking up early in the morning never has, never will, and certainly doesn't sound fun). I have also been slacking in the picture department, but here are a few pictures of things I have been doing this summer.

Brian and I went with some friends down to Robber's Roost and hiked a fun slot canyon with some fun chimney climbs and boulder scrambles. The scariest and most nerve wrenching part however was having my gas light come on in the middle of the night while we were lost trying to find camp. This place is miles away from civilization, in the middle of the desert. The only thing that made me feel better was that I had packed plenty of water, so if we had to hike out and hitch a ride we wouldn't die of dehydration. The next day, after our hike, we crossed our fingers, said our prayers, and climbed back into my car. We covered thirty-five miles of winding dirt road, and about thirty more miles of highway on empty and made it to the Hanksville gas station. Later online we looked up how far my car can usually go with the gas light on and it said the average was 28. What is a trip with out a little uncertainty, and if we'd have been in the old suburban it wouldn't havebeen a trip at all unless it broke down on the side of the road, so all in all things turned out fine!

I have been riding horses close to every day this summer. Jetta, the horse I am riding is a young horse of our neighbors. She can be a handful sometimes, and my mom had a pretty wild ride on her the other day, but she seems to be smart and not mean spirited. Rebel or "Reb," the horse that Brian is riding on the other hand, is just a sweet old guy. He is 27 years old but still in good shape and is also our neighbors. We are lucky to have people who let us just keep their horses in the summer and give them back in the winter--a perfect arrangement!

The rain has made everything really green and beautiful, and although it got tiring after a while, I have seen several beautiful rainbows, both in Oakley and in Provo.

I'll see if I can document some more adventures this summer....because I do intend to have more adventures.