Friday, October 9, 2009

Some Engagement Pictures

Annie Crowther was nice enough to come out in the cold, seven months pregnant, to take our engagement pictures. She took some great pictures and is such a great friend for doing this for us. It saved us money and time. Here are some of my favorite ones. And yes, we took pictures at the cemetery....we're morbid like that.

And for laughs...

This pictures says it all.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

D.A.M # 7

Ok, Dan, this is for you. For those of you who have read my blog since the beginning (and if you have continued to read through its boringness) you will know of the dictionary entry about fishing. It made quite a stir (ok, not really, but a stir for my little blog). Here is an updated version of fishing for you.

Fishing. v. A ritual “nice guys” often have to resort to in order to catch a girl’s attention.

Ok--for you nice guys out there who are having trouble using this technique to your advantage--I have another tip. You must use camouflage. Let me define camouflage.

Camouflage n. A sneaky disguise worn by men when they are on the hunt for women.

In this particular case, I would suggest camouflaging yourself as a fish. That's right. Stop trying to be the fisherman and become a fish (but really you're still a fisherman in disguise). This will then force the girl to come to you. Sit back, relax, and let the girls do all the fishing. A nice guy (if I do say so myself) was finally able to catch my attention, but that's because I decided to do the fishing. I met him, and he seemed like a nice guy, but he didn't seem like he was out fishing for girls--any girls. So, I decided to see if I could get him to notice me. It wasn't until I had already baited my hook, cast my line, and watched it sink, that I realized he had ME hooked. It was history from there. So, perhaps start thinking about utilizing your camouflage skills, pretend you are a tasty, shiny, sparkly fish (preferably one with a coin in its mouth) and wait for the girls to come fishing for you. Just remember to keep your own hook ready! Happy camouflaging.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The REAL Ring

Hey everybody! I finally picked up my real engagement/wedding ring! It took long enough. I picked it up on Friday, but then noticed as I was driving away that one of the tiny diamonds framing the center diamond was missing--so I had to take it back and wait again. I picked it up today though and am very happy to have it. Here are a couple pictures to give you an idea of what it looks like. Sorry they are blurry, I took them with my phone.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Ring

I'd post a picture of the ring as Emily asked, but here's the deal--I don't actually have it. Hold on, hold on, don't get a bee in your bonnet or whatever they say these days (since I'm pretty sure it isn't that). I have A ring, just not THE ring. You see, it had to be special ordered because they couldn't size it small enough at the store without the risk that the band would break. So...they gave Brian a "loaner" ring you might say. It is still very pretty, just a different style than the actual ring. Anyway, it is nice to have anything finally on the finger, and I think Brian was getting nervous about all those seventh grade boys hitting on me at school.....

Thursday, August 20, 2009


For those of you who read my blog, I thought I'd let you know that I am officially engaged to Brian Porter! Since those of you who read my blog are probably also the few people I talk to on a semi-regular basis, this probably isn't big news. But, it's still true, and it is still exciting, and so I am going to tell you anyway. I wont bore you (or embarrass myself) by going through every detail of the proposal for you, but I will give you some idea of how it came off.

Brian is starting law school at the U this fall and so he told me that there was a reception on Sunday night where you could meet other law students and socialize and all that. While this was technically true, we did not go to it as I was anticipating. Instead Brian took me to This is the Place park where they have a large open grassy area overlooking Salt Lake. A perfect place for a picnic and a sunset. Brian was prepared with a full picnic basket, a blanket, and even a candle and some matches. We enjoyed the food and each others company and Brian finally got around to kneeling down and popping the which I obviously said yes. Then we high tailed it out of there as the temperature dropped severely with the setting of the sun.

And of course I actually knew what was coming the entire day.....sometimes you just get a feeling.....

I Love You Brian

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Zions 2009

Well, once again I accompanied Mark and Dave on the annual Zions trip. Dave lets me come along to make sure that all his young men can make it through. I'm a better indicator than Dave or Mark would be! Brian was also able to come, which was fun. This year we did keyhole again, and then scoped out Pine Creek slot canyon. Getting the permits was pretty much a miracle for Pine Creek. We arrived in line at about 6:15 a.m. and still there were no more left. However, Dave worked his magic with the lady behind us who said her husband and a bunch of friends were doing Pine Creek, but six of the twelve people on one of the permits didn't show up. We couldn't switch them without her husbands friend there however, and we didn't have a way to get ahold of him. We drove to the Pine Creek trailhead and luckily the group was just preparing to leave. Anyway, it all worked out in the end--the weather was perfect, and the trip was great!

The water was cold and STINKY! I felt a little bit like I was swimming through the sewer. What could be more fun?

This is me, happily posed for a repel down into the cold water.

This is me, unhappily showing off the hair that Dave was obliged to saw off with his leatherman knife after it got sucked into my atc with the rope. Luckily I was about a foot off the groung so he was able to reach it and cut it off. Lesson learned: always tie your hair in a tight bun when repelling!

The view from the bottom of the canyon is pretty spectacular. Then again, Zions is pretty spectacular no matter where you are.

This was our last repel--100 feet of freefall, without even a cliff to steady your feet on. The worst part was dropping off the edge and having nowhere for your feet to go. I had to stare straight agead and inch my way slowly down, unlike Brian who flew down so fast his hand blistered through his leather glove. The trip was a lot of fun though, and I would highly recomend Pine Creek for those who like short, intense, canyoneering.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer Things

Well I have been just terrible at updating my blog lately, but really, there hasn't been a whole lot to say. Summer (if you can call it that with June being one big rainstorm) has been fun so far, although I am already starting to look forward to the fall when I will have something to do everyday (although waking up early in the morning never has, never will, and certainly doesn't sound fun). I have also been slacking in the picture department, but here are a few pictures of things I have been doing this summer.

Brian and I went with some friends down to Robber's Roost and hiked a fun slot canyon with some fun chimney climbs and boulder scrambles. The scariest and most nerve wrenching part however was having my gas light come on in the middle of the night while we were lost trying to find camp. This place is miles away from civilization, in the middle of the desert. The only thing that made me feel better was that I had packed plenty of water, so if we had to hike out and hitch a ride we wouldn't die of dehydration. The next day, after our hike, we crossed our fingers, said our prayers, and climbed back into my car. We covered thirty-five miles of winding dirt road, and about thirty more miles of highway on empty and made it to the Hanksville gas station. Later online we looked up how far my car can usually go with the gas light on and it said the average was 28. What is a trip with out a little uncertainty, and if we'd have been in the old suburban it wouldn't havebeen a trip at all unless it broke down on the side of the road, so all in all things turned out fine!

I have been riding horses close to every day this summer. Jetta, the horse I am riding is a young horse of our neighbors. She can be a handful sometimes, and my mom had a pretty wild ride on her the other day, but she seems to be smart and not mean spirited. Rebel or "Reb," the horse that Brian is riding on the other hand, is just a sweet old guy. He is 27 years old but still in good shape and is also our neighbors. We are lucky to have people who let us just keep their horses in the summer and give them back in the winter--a perfect arrangement!

The rain has made everything really green and beautiful, and although it got tiring after a while, I have seen several beautiful rainbows, both in Oakley and in Provo.

I'll see if I can document some more adventures this summer....because I do intend to have more adventures.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


So the transition between winter and spring in Utah is always frustrating. One day it is spring, the next it is winter. It has snowed an INCREDIBLE amount in Provo today. I took some pictures this morning of the tree outside my house that kind of capture the blending of the two seasons.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Ok, with the full knowledge that this post is going to make me look like a crazy cat lady, I am going to post these pictures of Armani, the cat that lives with Kati and I, because you have to admit she's kind of cute.
I caught Armani in the toilet one day...maybe we can train her to use it?
Armani keeping me company while I do my homework.

She found a perfect bed in my velvet violin case....

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cross Country Skiing

Well with the new snowfall, I was able to go cross country skiing. Brian and I went up Swift's Canyon and it was a beautiful day. We made it up passed the old Grizzly Adams Cabins, where they filmed the movie (or TV show?).The snow was pretty sticky, so the going was difficult in some spots, and we definitely had our issues coming down the canyon (mostly consisting of falling all the time, and breaking the end off my ski pole) but it just added to the fun. Luckily Brian got some footage of one of my better wipe outs. I hope you enjoy!

Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm Getting Braver

So I know that my last post was about skiing, but really that's the most interesting thing I do these days. I got up the courage to finally do some hiking and backcountry skiing this year. (Yes, I actually hiked...a big deal for those of you who know me well) I took this picture with my phone at the top of the nintey-nine nintey peak at The Canyons. Dave, you should be proud of me, and Russ I'm not sure if "Slaughter House" still exists, but this sign is pretty scary! For any doubters out there, I did walk through that gate...and I survived!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Ski Heaven

I went skiing on Saturday (as I try to do every Saturday) and we brought a camera along this time to take pictures by all our favorite signs. The skiing this Saturday was AMAZING! The Canyons had just been dumped on with a bunch of new snow, so the powder was pretty nice. Even despite the snow and the thick, thick fog, it was an awesome day.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sledding Fun!

Approaching the Jump