Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Spring Things

Sometimes it is so nice to escape Provo and come up to dear old Oakley, where there is space to breathe, and run, and ENJOY!

I love my friends, and they love me too!

Kati is such a litle Betty Crocker. She made this lovely little cake for her Grandma's birthday. I cut the strawberries, if that counts for anything.
Oakley looks so green right now with all the new grass coming up. I love it!
Kati and I have renewed our status as roomates, and to celebrate I made my famous crab and cream cheese won tons. Of course Annie had to come over and try a few as well!
Although we are sophisticated College girls, we still like to be kids once and awhile and play hide and seek. Kati found a prime hiding spot....she's just lucky I didn't lock her in and turn the dryer on!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Jazz is vs. The Jazz are

Well as most of you probably know the Lakers are coming to the Delta Center (I refuse to call it otherwise) on Friday. The truly intriguing question for me is this... if at halftime the score is 62 for The Jazz and 59 for The Lakers would I say "The Jazz is winning" or The Jazz are winning"? I have asked more than a few people this question and sparked several heated debates. Almost every guy I have talked to has immediately jumped on my back and said, "If you say The Jazz is winning then any sports fan in the world will laugh in your face." It made sense to me to say "The Jazz is" however because Jazz is not a plural word. Telling me it is plural because it is referring to a team is not a good argument in my eyes because the word "team" itself, although referring to a group of people is still a singular noun. I am in a teaching grammar and usage class right now and I even asked my professor this question and he did not have a definite answer. So I am throwing the question out there into the void of cyber space to see what kind of answers and arguments I will find. I also decided to see what sports writers use (since they probably know the best) and interestingly enough this is what I found... these two excerpts are from the same article.

"The Utah Jazz is on a roll, playing some of the most exciting basketball in the NBA." In this sentence the writer treats The Jazz as singular, but a few sentences later....

"The Jazz are serious contenders in the NBA Western Conference." In this sentence it is treated as plural!! What is going on here? I really have no idea, and I hate not having the answers to something.

If you want to see the article yourself go ahead and go to http://www.utah.com/sports/jazz.htm

Friday, May 2, 2008

Lake Mead....Indeed!

I went to Lake Mead with my cousin Rich and our friend Jared, and as expected, it was quite an adventure!