Sunday, August 24, 2008

Africa Revisited

So I just finished reading "Out of Africa" to commemorate my trip to Africa last summer. I also figured that since I have been to Karen Blixen's home in Kenya, that I ought to at least read her book! I guess I can't really say it made me homesick for Africa, but it made me miss it all the same. I hope someday I can return. I also finished a little video of our safari in Kenya and although putting the slideshow to the song "The Circle of Life" might seem a bit cliche, I just couldn't help myself :).

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tough Stuff

I like to pretend I'm tough stuff. I like to think that just because I grew up in Oakley and was outside more than I was inside, that I could survive in the wild if I needed. My mom did drag me on long and strenuous hikes in the Uintahs when I was just a kid and I think I picked up some survival skills there out of necessity. After falling off a cliff and hanging on literally by my fingernails to a projecting rock, weathering raging thunderstorms in a light backpacking tent, and even getting lost once or twice I feel that I might know better than some how to survive in the rockies. I also did a lot of camping and hiking in southern Utah and would hope I know a little bit about surviving in the desert. Just to prove to myself that I am not a complete idiot in the wilderness I took a couple quizzes and was pretty darn proud of my results. I scored 10/10 on the rocky mountain survival quiz and 9/10 on the Moab desert quiz. Let's see how you fare! (You'll have to copy and paste the links, sorry)
and here are some pics of my adventures both in the Rockies and in southern Utah.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Ding Dong the Bells are Gonna Chime

Janie got married on Aug. 1st. There goes one more of my best friends. They seem to be getting a little scarce these days, at least single ones. That aside, it was a beautiful day and it was great to see how happy Janie and Grady were.

Kalai came to sing at the wedding, which was totally awesome. We got to hang out with him a bit afterwards and he is a pretty funny guy.